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If ever, oh ever, a Wiz there was… Sold Out!

13 November 2013

Sold OutWell thanks to all our fabulous supporters we've now SOLD OUT all five performances of the show - and that's a whole three weeks before the opening night!

We're as amazed as ever at the great support you show the club, and we're promising to make this the very best show we can.  We've got some dedicated cast and crew, some old faces (some older than others!), and some new.  Plus with us just completing a big upgrade of our sound and lighting systems, we're really hoping that this year is going to be something extra special and we can't wait for opening night.

So while we paint the sets, put up the lights, polish those performances, and perfect those songs and dances, we hope you'll be looking forward to this years panto as much as we are. 

See you all in three weeks!


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Aladdin 2018

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Wed 5th Dec @ 7.30pm soon
Thu 6th Dec @ 7.30pm soon
Fri 7th Dec @ 7.30pm soon
Sat 8th Dec @ 2pm soon
Sat 8th Dec @ 7.30pm soon

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